AJP-2000 Physiology Data Simulation
(Program No. 4-715W or No. 4-715M)
for Windows (NT, 98, Me, Xp) or Macintosh (Classic, OS X)
$ 69.95

Twenty-five physiological simulations based upon relationships taken
from Am. J. Physiol. (Vol 278, 2000) for use by undergraduates.
Simulations are split between Cell Physiology, Endocrinology/Metabolism,
Gastrointestinal Liver Physiology, Lung Cellular Molecular Physiology,
Heart Circulation Physiology, and Regulatory Integrative Comparative
Physiology. Each simulation is also linked to the electronic version of
the article so students can compare their simulations with the results
presented by the original investigators.
The 25 physiological systems simulated are listed below.

1. Effect of temperature on cynanide and muscarinic receptors
2. Kinase inhibitor and myosin phosphatase inhibition in smooth muscle
3. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor and viability of androgen-dependent cells
4. Effect of heme oxygenase-1 on free radicals in human skin fibroblasts
5. Bone ion exchange to maintain high K+ in damaged bones
6. Exercise training and insulin-stimulated glucose uptake
7. Exercise training and interstitial lactate concentrations
8. Endurance training and increased gluconeogenesis from alanine
9. The effect of a single session of heavy exercise on inosine monophosphate
10. Degradation of alpha-trypsin Z in the endoplasmic reticulum
11. ATP-dependent and ATP-independent taurocholate uptake
12. Pentagastrin stimulated acid secretion in rat stomachs
13. Smooth muscle cell growth with fetal bovine serum + genistein
14. Smooth muscle cell growth with fetal bovine serum + herbimycin-A
15. Lysosomes from rabbit type II cells and surfactant lipids
16. Anti-influenza activity and surfactant protein D
17. Vanadium induced airway fibrosis in rats
18. Long-term oxytocin treatment and fetal ewes heart rates
19. Long-term oxytocin treatment and fetal ewes blood pressure
20. Comparsion of rat systolic and diastolic coronary flows
21. Arterial blood pressure with infusions of ANG II or SNP
22. Sodium excretion with infusions of ANG II or SNP
23. Changes in gill salt transport during smoltification in salmon
24. Water deprivation and urine flow in mice lacking ANG II receptors
25. Renal epithelial cell affinity for calcium oxalate crystals
Gives a general discription of the use of data simulations with students