Animal Physiology Data Simulation
(Program No. 4-430W or No. 4-430M)
for Windows (NT, 98, Me, Xp)or Macintosh (Classic, OS X)
$ 69.95

Twenty-five physiological simulations based upon relationships taken
from various journals (Science, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, Phil. Trans.
R. Soc. Lond.) for use by undergraduates. Each simulation is also
linked to the article (using JSTOR) so students can compare
their simulations with the results presented by the original
investigators. The 25 systems simulated are listed below.

1. Hemocyanin oxygen affinity and pH in the keyhole limpet
2. Hemoglobin oxygen affinity and pH in the the water snake
3. Influence of body size on heart rate in spiders
4. Metabolic rates of homeotherms and body size
5. Effect of carbonate on glucose-stimulated efflux of orthophosphate
6. Honeybee thermoregulation by evaporative cooling
7. Autoreceptor and postsynaptic receptor sensitivity to dopamine
8. Irradiation and P815 tumor growth in mice
9. Removal of oxygen from water by larvae of air-breathing fish
10. Nitrogen excretion by embryonic softshell turtles
11. Body mass and lung volume in the African lungfish
12. Forelimb and hindlimb mechanical advantage in mammals
13. Carbonic anhydrase in male rat liver
14. Experimental test of fitness in acclimation to high temperatures
15. Endogenous inhibitor of prohormone convertase PC2
16. Myocardial V/Vmax and ADP amounts in mammals
17. Overexposure to antioxidants and life-span
18. Metabolic rate and life-span in mammals
19. Cerebral glutamine synthesis and glutamate-glutamine cycling
20. Maximum heart rate and body mass in birds and mammals
21. Antarctic branchiopod growth rates
22. Extent of hunt and glucose levels in red deer
23. Extent of hunt and free fatty acids in red deer
24. Glycolytic metabolism as an adaptation to altitude hypoxia
25. Insulin levels and fasting in mice
Gives a general discription of the use of data simulations with students