Diurnal Pond Simulation
(Program No. 82-32)
for Windows (NT, 98, Me, Xp)
$ 69.95
This program was developed to simulate the 24-hour cycle of a
relatively uniform aquatic basin. Basins are just deep enough to
show some evidence of vertical stratification (e.g. slight
differences in temperature and dissolved oxygen at different
depths). Student investigators can determine their own
sampling schedule, including the season of the year, and obtain
simulated data that responds to the daily period of
photosynthesis (approximately between hour 6 and hour 18). A
series of 10 pond habitats can be investigated over a 24-hour
sampling schedule. Each pond has one of three levels of nutrient
inputs (high, medium, and low), and is located in one of three
regions of water hardness (hard, moderately hard, soft)
Sampling can be simulated during one of 4 seasons, at 3
different depths, under 3 nutrient input levels, under 3 hardness
levels, and under 4 weather conditions; that amounts to 432
different aquatic situations that can be simulated.

The image below shows the opening screen from this program.