This program provides users with an intuitive spreadsheet-like
grid to which you can easily add and edit taxa names and
numbers. After organism numbers have been entered from each
sampling site you can calculate either indices of diversity or
indices of similarity.

Ecologists have applied the concept of diversity to three different
relationships; there is the diversity of species at a particular site
(Alpha diversity), the change in species from one site to another
(Beta diversity), and total diversity over a number of sites
(Gamma diversity). This program deals with the calculation of
Alpha diversity. Diversity indices calculated include Margalef's
and Menhinick's Indices of Richness, and Pielou's and Sheldon's
Indices of Evenness. In addition, the indices of Heterogeneity
include Simpson's, Shannon H' (and the variance in H'), H max,
Hill's index N1 and N2. Community similarity is calculated using
the Jaccard's Index (presence-absence data), Sorenson/s Index
(presence-absence data), Coefficient of Community, Percent
Similarity, Morisita's Index, and Horn's Index.

Although written for an older version of Windows, it runs fine on
32-bit Windows like Xp.

Ecological Analysis: Diversity + Similarity
Program No. 110-X
for Windows (3.1, 98, Xp)
$ 69.95