Data are generated that follow relationships taken from
"Fundamentals of Comparative Vertebrate Endocrinology",
Plenum Press. The 25 different systems that can be simulated
are listed below.
1. Progesterone, LH, and egg-laying in ducks
2. Folicular development and ovulation time
3. Seasonal change in testis weight in male newts
4. Seasonal change in androgen in male newts
5. Seasonal change in corticosterone in male newts
6. Serum GtH in ovulating goldfish in 16 hr light & 8 hr dark
7. Plasma chloride after flounders transfered to freshwater
8. Plasma osmolarity after transfer to freshwater
9. Plasma osmotic & hormone concentrations
10. Plasma A.V.T. and sodium, 4 conditions for eels
11. Pituitary A. V. T. and time in seawater in the flounder
12. Serum gastrin and time after meal
13. Plasma secretin and time after meal
14. VIP release in stimulated mucosa of small intestine
15. Insulin release during glucose perfusion
16. Biphasic insulin release & glucose concentration
17. Insulin release with leucine or arginine
18. Glucagon release during glucose perfusion
19. Meal time & plasma pancreatic polpeptide
20. Meal time & plasma insulin in chickens
21. Meal time & plasma glucose in chickens
22. Meal time & plasma glycerol in chickens
23. Insulin injection & blood glucose levels
24. Insulin & blood glucose in 4 fish species
25. Glucose tolerance in 5 different species

Endocrinology Data Simulation
(Program No. 94-32W or No. 94-32M)
for WINDOWS (NT, 98, Me, Xp) or Macintosh (Classic, OS X)
$ 69.95
Gives a general discription of the use of data simulations with students