Data are generated that follow relationships taken from
the fisheries literature. Systems simulated include:
1. Production by algae and herbivores of Georges Bank
2. Herring survival in the Gulf of Maine
3. Survivorship of Baltic cod
4. Mortality for southern North Sea plaice
5. Fecundity and fish length in plaice
6. Time to hatch and temperature: 3 fish species
7. Fish size and size of their prey: 5 fish species
8. Population density and growth by carp
9. Brown trout growth and numbers stocked
10. Carp growth and numbers stocked
11. Diaptomus body size and predation by Alosa
12. Food abundance and emigration by rainbow trout fry
13. Ventilation volume & utilization: 4 fish species
14. Hemoglobin loading of oxygen by teleost fish
15. Sockeye salmon oxygen consumption and temperature
... PLUS 10 additional systems ... .

Fisheries Biology Data Simulation
(Program No. 107-32W or No. 107-32M)
for Windows (NT, 98, Me, Xp) or Macintosh (Classic, OS X)
$ 69.95
Gives a general discription of the use of data simulations with students