This is a comprehensive grade book program designed for use by college
faculty. It features options to record student grades as letter grades,
weighted letter grades, total points, or weighted total points. A
spreadsheet-like grid provides an intuitive way to add a new grade item,
change a grade for a student, or display student summaries on the screen.
Calculation options let you display class mean for each grade item, class
median for each grade item, percents when total points are recorded,
and standard scores for each student on each grade item. Reports that
can be printed include student grades on each item, students identified by
either name or ID number, and end of term class lists with totals (class
list can be arranged by rank). It also features individual student reports
to let students know periodically of their status in the class. It is effective
with a class of 2,500 students with 50 grade items, or with a class of 20
students and 5 grade items.

Although written for an older version of Windows, it runs fine on 32-bit
Windows like Xp.
Program No. 111-X
for Windows (3.1, 98, Xp)
$ 69.95