Data are generated that follow relationships taken from the
biological and medical literature. The 25 different systems
that can be simulated are listed below.

1. Chorionic gonadotropin during 40 weeks of pregnancy
2. Secretion of estrogen during pregnancy
3. Secretion of progesterone during pregnancy
4. Cardiac cycle & blood pressure
5. Exercise & cardiovascular oxygen consumption
6. Calcium absorption and vitamin D in the diet
7. Glucose utilization with & without cortisol
8. Pregnancy weight gain components
9. Body fat & per cent body water
10. Renal bicarbonate reabsorption & arterial pCO2
11. Renal bicarbonate reabsorption & plasma K+
12. Cephalic phase of gastric secretion
13. Cardiac function & different heart conditions
14. Oxytocin & ADH during nursing
15. Stomach emptying after a 750-ml meal
16. Absorption of 50 g of isotopic water
17. Glucose concentration and absorption from intestines
18. Cholesterol levels after ingesting 50 mg cholesterol
19. Sodium from intestines to blood
20. Sympathetic nerve stimulation and heart work
21. Thresholds and maximums of three types of neurons
22. Age and systolic and diastolic blood pressure
23. Arterial oxygen saturation & altitudes
24. Basal metabolism for males and femals up to age 80
25. Effect of diet on muscle glycogen replenishment

Human Physiology Data Simulation
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