Key Stat PLUS
(New in 2006)
- parametric + nonparametric + bootstrap statistics -
Program No. 513-32 for Windows (NT, Xp)
$ 79.95
In addition to common parametric and nonparametric statistical
procedures, this comprehensive statistical software includes a variety of
bootstrap procedures to estimate confidence intervals and p-values.
This menu driven software is designed for easy use by undergraduate
students (its author has over 25-years of experience teaching biostatistics
to undergraduates). This statistical software, and the 225 page textbook
(as a pdf file on the CD) were designed to provide undergraduate students
with the tools to learn statistical procedures at about the cost of a textbook.
The software is menu-driven, includes over 30 statistical tests, over 30
descriptive statistics, 3 probability distributions, and 8 different bootstrap
procedures. The data files follow a tab-deliminated text file format so they
are highly compatible with popular software (e.g. Excel); over 25 sample
data files are included with the program. Instructors can ask for a DEMO
copy to evaluate this program; its a full version but it will expire after about
45 days.