The 13 MS-DOS programs listed below still run OK under the DOS Shell that continues
in Windows. They are 'menu driven' rather than 'event driven', and the graphics is
simple or absent, there can be some printing problems with some network systems,
but they still get used and occupy their own niche (although it continues to shrink).
Contact us if you would like more information about any of these programs.

Listing of 13 MS-DOS programs

Ecological Analysis -PC, Vol. 1 for MS-DOS (Program No. 09-6) $ 69.95
Ecological Analysis -PC, Vol. 2 for MS-DOS (Program 13-4) $ 69.95
Ecological Analysis -PC, Vol. 3 for MS-DOS (Program No. 64-9) $69.95
Ecological Analysis -PC, Vol. 4 for MS-DOS (Program No. 72-X) $ 69.95
Quadrat Sampling Simulation -PC for MS-DOS (Program No. 70-3) $69.95
Mark/Recapture Sampling Simulation for MS-DOS (Program No. 69-X) $69.95
Aquatic Ecology -PC for MS-DOS (Program No. 10-X) $59.95
Key Stat -PC, Vol. 1 for MS-DOS (Program No. 08-8) $69.95
Key Stat -PC, Vol. 2 for MS-DOS (Program No. 80-0) $79.95
Polynomial Regression -PC for MS-DOS (Program No. 21-5) $ 49.95
Statistical Problem Data Generator for MS-DOS (Program No. 68-1) $69.95
Multiple Gene Population Simulation for MS-DOS (Program No. 81-9) $79.95
Cell-free Translation Simulator for MS-DOS (79-7) $79.95