What does software development look like? (see animation below)
Oakleaf Systems was started in February, 1982. Its principal developer has been Jim
Eckblad. His last name in Swedish translates as 'Oakleaf'. Jim began programing while in graduate
school at Cornell University in the late 1960's. When the 8-bit Apple II computer became available
(a decade later) he began writing programs in a combination of AppleSoft Basic and 6502 machine
code. Some of the programs (e.g. Population Genetics Simulation) were first written for an IBM-
1130 mainframe, then a Apple II version, followed by a MS-DOS version, followed by a Mac
version, followed by 16-bit
Windows version, followed by 32-bit Windows version (most of the
current programs). The programs have been focused on undergraduate students of biology as the
primary users. At last count, these programs have been used at over 2,500 colleges/universities in the
USA, Canada, and a number of foreign countries. Helpful comments have been, and continue to be,
provided by many users over these past 8,000+ days (and some nights).

Jim is also a Professor of Biology at Luther College, and he continues to do research on the aquatic
environments of Northeast Iowa. Sometimes this even includes intermittent "fish hunting" as is
pictured to the right. Catching this 10-lb walleye on the Mississippi River required assistance from
both children and grandchildren.