The Population Genetics Simulation program and the Population Genetics Tutorial
program were designed for use by undergraduate students in either a genetics or evolution
class. Both programs are now included in this program. This is a graphical simulation
showing how the rate at which gene frequencies change in a population can be influenced
by the agents of evolution: mutation (both forward and reverse), natural selection (using
Fitness of each genotype) including Frequency Dependent Selection, gene flow (emigration
and immigration), and genetic drift (up to 1000 individuals). Students can mimic any 2-allele
system, with graphical plots or the complete listing of allele frequencies can be printed.
Factors can be studied separately or in combinations, and students can easy simulate how
allele frequency responds over as many as 1000 generations.

The Population Genetics Tutorial provides students with interactive screens dealing with the
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, mutation, natural selection, gene flow, and genetic drift.
Students are asked to respond to questions in a multiple-choice format, AND if they
answer incorrectly another screen displays why that answer is not the best choice.

The program CD also includes the program Blind Sequence Maker , which helps
demonstrate how cumulative selection can result in apparent complexity, without requiring a
designer. AND there are now 30 sample problems (with solutions) for student use with this
program. Here's a sample problem.
Population Genetics Simulation and Tutorial
(Program No. 914-32W or No. 914-32M)
for WINDOWS (NT, 98, Me, 2000, Xp) or Macintosh (Classic, OS X)
$ 69.95