1. one-sample t-test
2. bootstrap C.I. for mean
3. one-sample chi-square for variance
4. bootstrap C.I. for variance

5. two-sample t-test (pooled variance)
6. two-sample t-test (unpooled variance)
7. Wilcoxon rank sum test
8. Mann-Whitney U test
9. bootstrap for equality of two means
10. bootstrap for C. I. of difference between means

11. sign test with paired data
12. Wilcoxon sign rank test
13. paired t-test
14. bootstrap C. I. for mean paired difference

15. frequency analysis using chi-square
16. frequency analysis using log-likelihood
17. frequency analysis with Fisher exact test

Statistical tests & confidence intervals (C. I.) calculated in Key Stat PLUS
18. one-way ANOVA
19. Bartlett's homogeneity of variance
20. Kruskal-Wallis test
21. bootstrap for equality of means

22. two-way ANOVA (randomized complete block)
23. two-way ANOVA (repeated measures)
24. two-way ANOVA (factorial)
25. Friedman test

26. three-way ANOVA (unreplicated)
27. three-way ANOVA (replicated)

28. least-squares regression (4 models)
29. t-test for slope
30. t-test for Y-intercept
31. Pearson's correlation coefficient
32. Spearman's rank correlation coefficient
33. bootstrap C. I. for slope
34. bootstrap C. I. for correlation coefficient